100 % Bomull, Tana Lawn, Art collection


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100% långfibrig bomull, fantastisk mjuk, tunn kvalitet. 137cm bred, krymper inte i tvätt. Tvättas i 40°.


Yoshie is a much loved Liberty Fabric which was originally designed for the seasonal AW 2010 collection. The print is an illustrative hand drawn conversational with amazing line work and detail, drawn on tinted areas and surrounded by a textured blotch; creatures like birds, deer, rabbits and horses appear amongst wild flowers. Yoshie was created by Yoshie Watanabe, a Japanese graphic designer and illustrator.

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Artikelnamn: Yoshie C Liberty Tana Lawn
Artnr: 03636040C
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Artikelnamn: Yoshie A Liberty Tana Lawn
Artnr: 33-7000605