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Rumble and roar

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100% långfibrig bomull, fantastisk mjuk, tunn kvalitet. 137cm bred, krymper inte i tvätt. Tvättas i 40°. 

 Kuriosa: Liberty London Fabrics’ Rumble and Roar print is lustrously colour-rich in soft, durable Tana Lawn cotton.

Liberty London Fabrics’ Rumble and Roar draws inspiration from a cavernous museum of natural history, where little ones can imagine that pterodactyls still swoop across the sky, stegosauruses plod steadily onwards and shrieking velociraptors dart through the undergrowth. Tana Lawn cotton has a unique print quality and colour absorption that is second to none, with a distinctive hand-feel and translucent softness that ensures it remains a versatile favourite. Use it to create pretty lined party dresses or perfectly tailored shirts and tees for little ones – Tana Lawn is even machine washable, as well as being durable enough for daily wear.

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Artikelnamn: Liberty Tana Lawn Rumble and roar
Artnr: R170414006