100% Bomull, Saville Poplin, Recycling story



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Strike A Saville Poplin från Libertys Höst/Vinter 2012 Recycling story

100% Bomull
149 cm bred

Tvättas i 40°


The Recycling story

The recycling story is about processing new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials. In the strictest sense recycling of a material would produce a fresh supply of the same material, for example recycling old archive patterns into new ones. As this is often quite complex, recycling of many products or materials involves their re-use in producing different materials. We have explored both. Although not a textile technique officially, textiles are recycled and reused to create new textiles so we wanted to include it within our collection.





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Artikelnamn: Liberty, Strike A, Saville Poplin
Artnr: 324